Get ready it’s time for some good ol’ southern football

For those of you who didn’t know, tomorrow marks a glorious day. What’s glorious you might ask? Well none other than the return of football. We’ve been waiting anxiously since January 7th (233 days to be exact) for the great game of football to return. To make it even more of a treat, we get 3 SEC teams playing on the same night. Gear up and get ready college football is here!

Things you need to MUST do to prepare yourself for football tomorrow night:

1. Brew, liquor, wine, sweet tea, whatever your poison is have it ready and lots of it. Trying to watch a game without liquid on the pallette is like Auburn actually winning a SEC game, it’s not gonna happen.

2. Let your friends know it’s going down. There aren’t many people who will turn down food and football, so call em up and get them over for the wondrous occasion. Just make sure you don’t invite the ones who will drink all your beer.

3. Make sure your TV/cable/satellite is good to go. If you haven’t already go ahead and convince the girlfriend/wife you need the absolute biggest TV they make. Then you can be like, look honey they have an 125 inch but I guess I can get the 70 inch as a compromise. See how much I love you. One thing to note: 60% of the time it works every time. Moving on.

4. More libations, a cooler possibly. I mean football without without ice cold refreshments really isn’t football at all. Oh and ice, ice galore, because you can never have enough ice.

5. A grill cause what’s football without some fresh meat on the grizzy. Stock up on food cause your friends will raid your kitchen quicker than an inmate picking up soap in a shower.

6. Cornhole, horse shoes, or a football are a prereq. You will need something to beat your buddies at halftime.

7. Your lucky shaker, shirt, and/or superstition. Because without it how is your team going to win.

You’re now officially ready to begin football season. You can now sit back and watch the SEC dominate like they do every year. I now leave you with tomorrows prediction and this video:

South Carolina 38   North Carolina 13                                Ole Miss 34   Vanderbilt 27

Until next time. Roll Tide!


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