Craft Beer of the Month Club

For Christmas I got the best gift anyone could ask for. What’s that you might ask? Well my wife’s parents subscribed me to a beer of the month club from the Original Craft Beer Club!

Craft Beer Club

What is the Original Craft Beer Club?
The Original Craft Beer Club finds delightful craft brews from around the country and delivers them to your doorstep. Every selection is produced by independent brewers around the US. In addition to traditional bottled beers, they also embrace the hundreds of small craft brewers around the country that offer their hand-crafted beers in cans.

How it works.
Every other month, a box featuring 4 different beers (3 each) from across the US is delivered right to my door.  The boxes are extremely well packed so, no worries of a broken bottle arriving.  I like the fact they include fact sheets about the breweries they are sending that month which also includes recipes for food that paired well with the beers. It’s a great way to be able to try new brews that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to!

And Craft Beer Club selects some good ones! 🙂

The beer and informational brochures:

Craft Beer 12 Pack

The first box comes with a few gifts – some glasses and a bottle opener:

Beer Glasses

As well as some tasty snacks:

Beer Nuts

Now I’ll be honest I’ve never done a beer in the mail type club before because I like to have control over the beers I buy but after receiving my first package I must say I’m pretty happy with what they sent. All 4 beers I’d never tried before. This months had beers from Sierra Blanca and Elysian Brewing.

Be looking for my post next week with reviews of the beers from Sierra Blanca and Elysian Brewing. Also if you’ve tried another craft beer club let me know how it was in the comments below.


Brew Review: Los Muertos DOA IPA Hop On Or Die

This weeks brew review features a Tasty IPA from Los Muertos Brewing, located in always sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Los Muertos brewing is a new comer to the game. They opened back in 2012 but their beer tastes as if they’ve been brewing it for years. With this brewery being from Mexico I haven’t ran across it on many occasions. So if you can get your hands on one of these beauts consider yourself lucky and you palate happy.

Hop on or Die

DOA IPA Hop On Or Die

ABV: 6.80%

Serving Type: Bottle

Appearance: Pours a very clear orange, with a huge pillow of white head that fades slowly.  Leaves a thin layer of bubbles covering the surface and a collar around the edge of the glass.

Smell: Citrus, caramel malts, pine, bready, and biscuity. Yes biscuity. Hop profile of mostly citrus contrasts with a robust caramel malt backbone. The goal here I think is balance, which is done nicely if intentional.

Taste: Has something of a hop hit mid-taste, but with an acceptably restrained, moderate bitterness in the aftertaste. Finishes dry with a touch of warming alcohol.

Drinkability: Alcohol is concealed very well, really easy to drink for an IPA.

Overall thoughts: Overall a solid IPA from our friends south of the border. Def worth a shot if you can get your hands on one. As for the label, it’s one of the best I’ve seen on a beer in a while. It escapes me though as to why, if one is already dead, would wear a helmet and goggles. Still, I dig the dude’s ride with its scoop handlebars and flaming tank.

Freshness Rating: 8.0/10

Until next time, Salud!

Tennessee Hate Week: They Low Down, They Dirty, They Some Snitches.

The Third Saturday in October is among us and everyone from the South knows what that means, the time for Alabama to dominate Tennessee is near. This year Alabama is looking to get it’s 7th win in a row against our arch rival Tennessee. The past 6 years have went a little something like this:

Kenny Bell

Kenny is out to get 7 in a row!

2007 – Alabama 41   Tennessee 17   
2008 – Alabama 29   Tennessee 9     
2009 – Alabama 12   Tennessee 10   
2010 – Alabama 41   Tennessee 10   
2011 – Alabama 37   Tennessee 6     
2012 – Alabama 44   Tennessee 13   

Before I begin tell you about #TennesseeHateWeek and why Alabama will dominate for a 7th straight year, I must first tell you the history of how the 3rd Saturday in October came to be.

The Rivalry

The rivalry was once known by its date alone, “The Third Saturday in October.” It was the first game that could be considered a true rivalry for Alabama. Dating back 112 years, it’s one of college football’s oldest series. It’s spawned great quotes, like this one by the man who was the “Bear” Bryant of Tennessee: “You never know what a football player is made of until he plays against Alabama.” – Former Tennessee Coach Bob Neyland. The series has seen stretches where wins went back and forth, stretches that went into long streaks by one and then by the other. Few people realize that Alabama has played Tennessee more than any other team in their history. Nineteen more times than Auburn, 20 more than LSU, and 37 times more than Ole Miss.

The Tide and Volunteers first met on the gridiron in Birmingham way back in 1901, fighting to a 6-6 tie before a controversial call sparked a riot (I wasn’t there, but I’m pretty sure Tennessee started it), ending the game and starting a now-century old grudge. Even though there weren’t any more riots to speak of in the ensuing decades, the level of bad blood present after that first game wasn’t terribly diminished at any of the other meetings.

It was the first “must win” game for Alabama, and it went the same way for Tennessee. The hate for each other fueled the players will to win. You want to know how bad the players back then wanted to win? Check out this quote, “His ear had a real nasty cut, and it was dangling from his head bleeding badly. He grabbed his own ear and tried to yank it from his head. His teammates stopped him, and the managers bandaged him. Man was that guy a tough one. He wanted to tear off his own ear so he could keep playing.” Tennessee lineman Bull Bayer talking about his counterpart, Bully Van de Graaff in the 1913 game. This is the hate that has fueled the series over the years.

Bear Bryant

Another in-game incident included Bear Bryant’s second outing. He was ejected for allegedly sucker-punching Tennessee running back Phil Dickens, breaking his nose. As it later turned out, the punch came from another Alabama player (Bear was 15 yards away from the incident), yet Bryant never let on that he was not involved in the incident.

Bryant’s legend as a player harked back to the 1935 contest against the Volunteers when he played one of the best games of his career despite having a fractured shin bone. Skeptical sportswriters were shown the X-rays when they doubted he’d played on a broken leg and Bryant later said “it was one little bone.” There’s no way Bryant was coming out against Tennessee.

After the game and a 34-3 beat down of the Vols in 1961, Alabama’s longtime trainer Jim Goostree handed out victory cigars to all the players and coaches in the locker room beginning a hallowed Crimson Tide tradition. Both teams continued the tradition for some time, though kept it secret due to NCAA rules concerning extra benefits and tobacco products. Alabama “publicly” restarted the tradition in 2005, though as a result, self-reported an NCAA violation. Every year since 2005, the winning team (Alabama) knowingly violates the NCAA rule and reports the violation in honor of tradition! As Cyrus Kouandijo said with his one word answer to the feeling of smoking that locker room cigar after beating the Vols, “Righteous,” Kouandjio said. “The feel of victory, the feel of accomplishment and you have a cigar to prove it. It’s a good feeling.”

Victory Cigarbilde





From the beginning to now not much has changed, the hate is still as present as it was back in 1901. As the players get ready to take the field on Saturday there’s only one thing on both teams mind and that’s dominate the opponent at all cost. The players and fans live for this game and as most people ask, don’t you hate Auburn more than Tennessee? It’s a simple reply really. Alabama does not hate Auburn we simply pity them, but Tennessee on the other hand is the one team every Alabama fan can say they hate. It’s the nasty “puke inside a pumpkin” orange you see everywhere, hearing Rocky Top played 6000 times per game, and it’s wanting them to lose every game from here to the next century. There are many teams we dislike but there is only one team we purely hate and that is team is Tennessee.

Evidence of the hate:

Roger Schultz, Alabama player from 86-90 said, “I can’t stand Tennessee, because for many years Tennessee was our biggest rival. I just always wanted to beat Tennessee more, and when I played, we never lost to Tennessee. Schultz also said, “back then, I said that, we ought to pay property tax on Neyland Stadium because we own it”.

Through the 70’s Bama dominated Tennessee winning 11 straight before Tennessee. In 1986 Alabama beat Tennessee 56-28 by running the same play 26 times. Needless to say this didn’t help win over any Tennessee fans it only made the hate boil.

Beating Tennessee has always meant something to me, even from a young age. I can remember when I was a kid my grandparents taking me to a game at Legion Field and Tennessee beat us. There was a woman who was a Tennessee fan sitting in front of us and she sang Rocky Top the entire game. Needless to say from that point forward I wanted to beat Tennessee by 100 every time we played. I now leave you with one of the best videos on the internet.

So sit back and relax in a little more than 24 hours Tennessee is going to roll up in the Heart of Dixie and get curb stomped for a 7th straight time! To all my Bama fans Roll Tide and to Tennessee, may Nick Saban have mercy on you.

Until next time, Roll Tide!

Who Needs The BCS When You Have The Scissom Ranking System

It seems that everyone has an opinion about the BCS. Either you love it or you hate it. Either way most can agree that it has it’s flaws and ultimately that’s why the playoff system will go into effect next year. My friend Jeff got fed up with the BCS a few years ago and decided to make his own ranking system, the Scissom Ranking System.

Scissom Ranking System

The Scissom Ranking System Background

The Scissom Ranking System was originally derived to create a more evenly balanced computer football ranking system that also took into account margin of victory, but in a way that running up the score on an inferior opponent would not provide an unfair boost in rankings. The system is generally not very accurate until week 7 or 8, much like the BCS. This is due to the fact that each season is started fresh with all teams starting at an even ranking.

System Information

The system contains all Division I teams. This includes all FBS and FCS teams. All DII and DIII teams are grouped into one “team” called DIII.

This system contains data from all seasons since the 2003-2004 season. First created in 2008 the Scissom Ranking System was run retroactively back to 2003-2004 season.

Every team starts the season with the same rank. Each team is assigned a ranking value of 120 points (derived from a 12 game regular season, 10 points per game). As teams play each other that original 120 point value is modified based on results. For example Alabama beats Virginia Tech by 25 points. Alabama’s point value increases from 120 to 155. Virginia Tech’s point value decreases the same amount from 120 to 85. These new values are used to calculate the results of the next weeks game.

Logic behind the system

Raw Point Values – Formula: New Points = (Loser’s Point value/Winner’s Point value) * 10 + (Loser’s Point value/Winner’s Point value) * Margin of Victory. The raw point values each week are calculated based on the ratio of the Losing Team’s value divided by the Winning Teams value. This makes sure that a great team that destroys a weak team doesn’t get the same boost as a great team destroying a great team.

Strength of Schedule – Strength of schedule is just the average point value of your opponents through your current schedule. Future games do not calculate into this SOS. For this reason, playing low quality teams will drastically decrease you SOS.

Ranking – This is the part that has to be kept private. I use a formula that I’ve developed to calculate a Ranking Value. This Ranking Value is what is used to rank the teams (higher ranking value is a better team). The values that are used in this formula are Raw Point Value of the team, Strength of Schedule, and Wins/Losses.

Scoring Potential – Each team is given a value that rates their ability to score points. This is the teams overall ability to score points on Offense, Defense or Special Teams. It is calculated by taking the total points scored in games to this point and dividing it by 1000 – the teams current SOS. Points Scored/(1000 – strength)

Potential to Prevent Scoring – Each team is given a value that rates their potential to prevent the opponent from scoring. It is calculated by taking the total points against to this point and dividing it by 1000 – the teams current SOS, then subtracting that total from 1. 1 – (Points Allowed/(1000 – strength))

BCS and Scissom Ranking Systems

The initial standings for the BCS’s 16th and final season were released last night. I don’t think there was many suprises except maybe the fact Florida State jumped Oregon for the #2 spot. The standings for the Scissom Ranking System have been updated as well. Here’s the top 5 teams for week 8 in the Scissom Ranking System. Click HERE or the picture for the full top 25.

There’s a quick overview of the Scissom Ranking System. You can check out the links below to access the system or contact Jeff.



Facebook Page:

The Southern Committee Returns

So I’ve been busy the past few weeks and haven’t posted on The Southern Committee. Here’s just a few of the things I’ve been doing to catch you up with my life:

Went to the Blackboard Southeast User Group hosted at Mercer University: Most Blackboard affiliated universities in the southeast attended. Mercer had a neat campus and I was able to check out some of Macon, Georgia’s great southern food. If you’re ever in Macon I highly recommend Fish and Pig and Grits Cafe.

Mercer University

St. Mark 30 Days of prayer: My church here in Tuscaloosa started 30 days of prayer on September 30th. Since then we have been gathering in the Sanctuary to pray every morning as individuals and as a body of St. Mark. Feel free to stop by if you are in the area.


My pumpkin ale kit came in: I ordered and brewed a pumpkin ale kit from Northern Brewer which made 5 gallons of brew that I kegged last night. Once this tasty brew becomes carbonated I’ll fill you in with a review.

photo 2

Watched Alabama stomp a mud hole in Ole Miss: I went to the Alabama/Ole Miss game and watched the Tide shutdown Bo Wallace and the Rebels. Quoting Bo Wallace, “Yeah, I think we can put points on them, I think we can put points on anybody.” With that said Bama won 25-0 and Bo Wallace retracted his statement.

Ole Miss Vs Alabama

Purchased and currently addicted to GTA V: What can I say, GTA V. This game is the best game I’ve ever played. Yeah it might be a little crazy but it’s awesome. You can do everything from invest in the stock market to shooting up meth dealers. What’s not to like?


Enjoyed some tasty brew with @christiandan5 at Alabama Brewfest in Tuscaloosa: We got to enjoy beer from over 60 breweries at the brewfest. One of the favorites I got to try was Harvest from Southern Tier. I highly recommend you get your hands on this delicious brew.

photo 5

That pretty much sums up what’s been going on for the past few weeks. I have several tasty brew reviews coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

The Six Pack Project: Alabama

The Six-Pack Project is a collaborative effort from a group of beer bloggers across the country designed to help highlight the local craft beers we think best represent our respective states. If someone was coming to visit the great state of Alabama, what bottles or cans would we want to share? That’s what the Six Pack Project is all about. I ran across the Six Pack Project the other day on Bryan’s blog and he was gracious enough to let me do a post on Alabama’s craft beer.

Six Pack Project

Here are the rules:

  • Pick a six-pack of beers that best represents your state and/or state’s beer culture.
  • Beer must be made in your state, but “gypsy” brewers are acceptable, so long as that beer is brewed with an in-state brewery and sold in your state.
  • Any size bottle or can is acceptable to include.
  • Current seasonal offerings are fine, but try to keep selections to year-round brews as much as possible. No out-of-season brews preferred.

If you’ve never been to Alabama, here’s a little of what you need to know:

Alabama is known as the Heart of Dixie or the Yellow Hammer State to most southerners.  Our state known for cotton, steel, kudzu, southern hospitality, humidity so heavy you gain ten pounds, college football on Saturdays, and church on Sundays. Every good Alabamian grew up on southern delicacies such as fried okra, sweet tea, fried chicken, and banana pudding. Beer also falls into this category, as we like the finer things in life. While home to fewer breweries than I’d like to see, our home-grown breweries produce some fine brew if I do say so myself.

Becoming the 22nd state on December 14, 1819, Alabama came from humble beginnings as far as beer goes. It’s a state that has always been lacking in breweries and craft brew. That slowly started changed back in 2008 when new breweries started opening and then soon after, new beer laws were passed. Over the past few years, I’ve watched Alabama turn from a state where people were only drinking “natty light” and Budweiser (because that’s all we had), to a state that now breeds and grows great breweries, craft beer, and even a beer festival or two. We now have over 20 breweries in the Great State and the quality of the beer is excellent.

Six Pack Craft Beer

My six pack was hand selected at my local brewstore here in town. I picked a variety that best portrays the taste and culture from the great state of Alabama. Here are 6 beers that truly give you a glimpse of southern culture in Alabama.
Monkeynaut IPA – Straight To Ale

Monkeynaut IPA

Monkeynaut, named for Miss Baker, a squirrel monkey who was launched into space in 1959 and is now buried at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, pays homage to Huntsville’s role in the NASA program. This hoppy little monkey of a beer is a tribute to those Simian heroes of yesteryear. It has a citrusy, floral hop aroma, a strong malt body and a crisp finish. Straight to Ale is an awesome brewery with beer that represents the history of Huntsville, I mean they produce beer with monkeys on the cans. What’s not to like about that? Overall it’s a fairly balanced IPA. Just enough bitter hops, but not overpowering. A nice complement to a Saturday night football game.

Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale – Back Forty Brewing Company

Truck Stop Honey Brown

Back Forty Brewing Co. makes four different bottled beers including Naked Pig Pale Ale, Kudzu Porter, and Freckle Belly IPA—but its claim to fame is the award-winning Truck Stop Honey Brown Ale. Made with wildflower honey from several apiaries in Alabama, the earthy, medium-bodied brew won a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2010. It’s a medium bodied English brown ale brewed with Alabama Wildflower Honey, roasted malts and fresh hops. The balance of sweet wildflower honey and earthy hop aromas come through in every batch. This Alabama honey-infused beer isn’t just a gratifying summer treat, but a delectable supplement to desserts, chicken, and fish dishes  Whether preparing a delicious meal or sitting fireside, Truckstop Honey is the beer for you.

Peanut Butter Porter – Beer Engineers

Peanut Butter Porter

Beer Engineers, a brewery from Gadsden, create very unique beer. They are “dedicated to making the South’s finest high gravity beers” and boy do they. Their Peanut Butter Porter is 12% ABV, but hides it very well. You can get in trouble quick drinking these. I first tried this at Magic City Brewfest, a brew festival held in the heart of Birmingham every year. After the the first taste I was blown away. It smells like artificial peanut butter. If play dough had a peanut butter cousin this would be it. It’s fascinating really, to sum it up it’s a peanut butter party in your mouth!  It’s delightful. I suggest you drink it.

Tuxedo Black IPA – Blue Pants Brewery

Tuxedo Black IPA

Blue Pants Brewery is based out of  Madison, Alabama. “Pairs well with a bow tie,” they say. Black IPA’s always surprise me, even though I know what to expect. It’s like that purple colored Ketchup. Tastes like ketchup, but it just looks weird. Their slogan: “unreasonably good beer” and it’s just that, beer that is unreasonably good. Their Black IPA is not over the top, but balanced, allowing those who go crazy for hops and those who just like a good dark beer alike to enjoy in an unreasonably good experience. It is not merely an IPA in dark clothing. Instead it takes the hop and malt notes of a good IPA and combines them with the roasted notes of a good porter. The bourbon aging takes the edge off of the bitter. If you like Black IPA’s this is very much what the doctor ordered. Recommended even for the non-IPA lover.

IPA – Yellow Hammer Brewery

Yellow Hammer IPA

Named after the state bird, Yellow Hammer Brewery was started back in 2010. Their Yellow Hammer IPA is Brewed in the style of a west coast Imperial IPA, the Yellow Hammer IPA is a daring brew built for the bitter hop lover. They use over two pounds of hops per barrel, which gives the beer a burst of floral, pine and citrus aroma and flavor, though most of the hops come in at the end of the boil, which slightly tempers the bitterness.  Brewed with an abundant blend of Northwest hops (6 different types), this version employs more hops than the majority of east coast American IPAs. A great choice if you’re looking to grab an IPA in northern ‘Bama,  that competes favorably with nationally distributed IPAs. If you’re looking for a tasty Alabama IPA look no further than Yellow Hammer.

Snake Handler – Good People Brewing Company

Snake Handler Double IPA

Last but not least is my favorite beer from Good People Brewery out of Birmingham. Do you like hops, bitterness, and double IPA’s? Well look no further than the perfection of a beer called Snake Handler. Dangerously drinkable, this Double IPA brew is a spirited celebration of all things hoppy. Aromas of pine, citrus, flowers, spice, pineapple, and grassiness complement a biscuit and caramel backbone. It’s hands down the best beer from Good People. Good People offers five different year-round beers as well as small-batch of seasonal brews. Snake Handler, which blends five varieties or hops, creates a bold floral brew with bits of citrus. This is one of my favorite beers found in my fridge and a must buy if you stop by the great state of Alabama.

This six pack tells part of the Alabama beer story, from Huntsville building the first rocket launched into space, to the truck stops you see on every mile of interstate you drive, and good ol’ beer from the Steel City (Birmingham). These are the beers that will give you a glimpse of life in glorious Alabama: laid back and good.

I want to give Bryan a big thanks for letting me be apart of the Six Pack Project. You can check out his archive of all Six Pack Projects here.

The other six-pack projects for September:

  • Alaska by William at Drinking on the Last Frontier
  • Florida by Gerard from Beer in Florida
  • Louisiana by Nora of NOLA Beer Blog
  • New Jersey by Vin at Bier Battered
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Brew Review: Abita Turbodog

This weeks brew review comes from Abita, a brewery located in Abita Springs, Louisana, 30 miles north of New Orleans. Founded in 1986 by Jim Patton and Rush Cumming, two home brewers who wanted to turn their hobby into a vocation. 27 years later Abita produces over 151,000 barrels of beer per year and sell their beer in 46 states as well as Puerto Rico. They are currently the biggest craft brewery in the United States south of the Mason-Dixon Line and make quite good beer. Now you get to hear about the beer voted in 2005 as the best beer in America by Stuff magazine. Enjoy!

Abita Turbodog

Abita Turbodog

Availability: All Year Long

Serving Type: Bottle

ABV: 5.60%

Appearance: Pours a deep brown with two fingers of fluffy white head that fades fairly quickly, nice chunky lacing on the glass. Almost has a ruby hue when looking at the glass from the side.

Smell: The nose is just loaded with malty notes. Pretty sweet nutty aroma with hints of milk chocolate and some caramel with moderate roastiness. Quite inviting so far.

Taste: Up front with a little smoke and coffee, very pleasant tasting. Hops and malts were in great balance. The finish had faint bitterness and more of the toasted character. A bit more roasted and bitter in the flavor than the aroma suggested.

Mouthfeel: Smooth and creamy with a medium to lightly heavy body. Moderate carbonation levels and body. Feels similar to a black lager with the dark flavors hanging on.

Drinkability: Very drinkable and satisfying brown ale. Definitely well crafted and very tasty. Was pretty easy to drink with a good balance of sweet and bitter. Goes down very easy.

Overall thoughts:  Thoroughly enjoyed this beer. It’s a solid English brown that doesn’t get boring after a few pints. If you like an easy drinking malty beer that packs a punch (pretty decent ABV, too) then grab a six pack of Turbodog. Around $8.99 for a sixer, tough to beat for a decent craft beer. Bottoms up, y’all!

Freshness Rating: 7.7/10

We are Alabama. We are the Tide. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

The day every Bama fan has been waiting for is among us! September 14th, the day Nick Saban and the Tide roll into College Station and take out some Old Testament vengeance upon Johnny Manziel and his overrated football team! It is here; get yourself ready because the Tide is coming in and going to take your dreams and wash them out to sea. Before I go into how the Tide is going to get their revenge, I must first take you to somewhere you don’t want to go that got us to this point.

AJ McCarron

Look away if you’re a Bama fan due to graphic content

It was November 10th, 2012, that fateful day that makes every Bama fan cringe to this day. I remember it all too well. It was a fall day with a nice breeze, crimson and houndstooth as far as the eye could see, and I was in the lovely City of Champions, simply known as Tuscaloosa to some. Around 2:30 pm the ball was kicked off the tee and the rest is too painful to share. Long story short, I walked out of Bryant Denny that day feeling as though Texas A&M had personally taken something from me.  That’s a feeling I did not forget, and neither has the Tide fearlessly led by Nick Saban.

Now about this week.  This is the week that matters.  This is the week that makes every Texas A&M fan quiver uncontrollably knowing who is coming and what is about to happen to them. First off, Alabama just had a bye week, which may not mean much to the average football coach like Kevin Sumlin, but to Nick Saban a bye week is like someone telling him he can’t have an oatmeal cream pie when he’s craving one. And I’ll tell you, Nick Saban always has his oatmeal pie.  Last year Texas A&M took it and guess what?  Nick Saban is about to roll up into College Station, take back that savory oatmeal pie you stole, and make you watch him as he devours his delicious snack. I say this not to scare you but to prepare you for what is soon to come.

Nick Saban

The face that could devour an oatmeal pie or in this case an Aggie.

So now all you rightly-worried A&M fans, ask yourself “Can Johnny Football pull off the miracle again?” Ask yourself “Has Nick Saban ever lost 2 years in a row to the same team?”  I hate to break it to you, but statistically, y’all have a better chance of being executed by Rick Perry than winning this game.  Nick Saban has a 14-2 record as an SEC coach in rematch games against opponents he lost to the previous season. In those 14 initial defeats, Saban lost by an average of 14.4 points; however, in those 16 rematches the next year, he won by an average of 14.7 points. So yes, you should worry and worry you will.

Come on, y’all.  We’re talking about Nick Saban here — the football genius that beats most teams before they even take the field.  He practically invents ways to make teams quit.  So before all you Texas A&M fans start with your “Johhny Football is sooo good OMG” comments, sit and listen because you are about to learn what getting taken to the woodshed is all about.  And just so we’re clear, the woodshed looks a little like this: Nick Saban is going to hunt you down, haunt you in your sleep, and destroy your dreams.  He knows what you’re going to do before you do it and he is watching you even this very moment.  He’s like the Santa Clause of the Football world.  You should know Nick Saban hasn’t slept one single day since that loss 306 days ago.  What does Nick Saban think about when he gets out of the shower every morning? What does he think about while he’s eating his Cocoa Puffs and Little Debbies?  And what does Nick Saban think about while he’s on the pot?  If you guessed annihilating and exposing an overrated Texas A&M team you would be right!  Saban will have his vengeance.  Do not take this lightly.  Consider yourself warned and for all of you drinking on that Haterade, no worries.  You will be silenced.

Johnny Football

The sack city committee will be out in full force! Johnny can we have your autograph?

Now we can go over what you can expect to see at the game:

– Nick Saban stealing back his oatmeal pie
– Bama having actual girl cheerleaders unlike A&M’s “yell crew” composed of guys
– Texas A&M fans crying uncontrollably (a little like Tebow a few years back…)
– Johnny Football rushes < 100 yards
– Johnny Football gets a personal foul (or three)
– Johnny Football asks for AJ McCarron’s autograph after the game
– Total annihilation of Texas A&M and their excuse of a football program
With all that said my final score prediction is: Alabama 38 Texas A&M 17

Perfection is an expectation at Alabama, so we’re confident, with good reason. Three National Championship wins in four years allows you to add some extra swagger to your step. The road to 16 goes through college station. Sit back and enjoy.

I’d love to hear your predictions and/or excuses about the game. If you care to put in your input leave me a comment at the end of the post.

“We are Alabama. We are the Tide. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”

Brew Review: Founders All Day IPA Session Ale

Today you get to hear one of many brew reviews to come at TSC. This weeks brew features a session IPA from Founders, a brewery located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Founders Brewing Company was started back in 1997. The Founders Family, a group of passionate beer enthusiasts, has grown around this simple philosophy: “We don’t brew beer for the masses. Instead, our beers are crafted for a chosen few, a small cadre of renegades and rebels who enjoy a beer that pushes the limits of what is commonly accepted as taste.” I have tried several Founders beers in the past, so I thought I’d give this one a chance, which ended up being a excellent decision. It’s the perfect reward for an honest day’s work and the ultimate companion to celebrate life’s simple pleasures.Founders All Day IPA

Founders All Day IPA Session Ale

Availability: All Year Long

Serving Type: Bottle

ABV: 4.70%

Appearance: Partly hazy with a golden hue that has a thin white head that fades to leave a light halo and thin clouds.

Smell: Strong hop nose, a powerful but pleasant IPA aroma. Aromas of hops, generic pine and citrus, light malts, pretty standard.

Taste: Taste follows, the big hop character of the nose. It’s light weight, but full flavored. Quality hops are there, as well as a pinch of grapefruit. Lovely bitterness mid-tongue.

Mouthfeel: Crisp, dry, light-bodied. Spot on carbonation. Dry, happy mouth feel, in a lighter weight, fresh, light, sessionable IPA.

Drinkability: A low (by IPA standards) ABV makes All Day particularly drinkable. A great default choice if you just want a no-fuss but enjoyable IPA.

Overall thoughts:  This is the standard by which “session IPAs” should be judged. I’ve had others and they really aren’t close. This beer makes me think a bit. Which I like. It’s perfect if you don’t like overly bitter. Glad these are popping up in Alabama now. Would definitely buy a 6er of it again. I could see myself quaffing these down this all summer if I had the chance.

Freshness Rating: 7.5/10

Until next time. Roll IPA!

Adventures in Home Brewing

A few weeks ago I decided to dabble into the wondrous world of home brewing. What got me into this was my life long friend Dan who turned rebel and deserted us to move to Tennessee even though “dey low down, dey dirty” (if don’t know what I’m talking about click here). He’s been brewing for the past few years, so once Alabama got rid of their archaic beer laws I decided to try it out for myself. I’ll have to say it’s probably one of the best decisions of my life. I mean, what’s not to like about making and drinking your own beer? Here’s the first of many intimate guides into my haphazard brewing process!

So I found a beer extra kit online but I decided to forgo ordering it and stop by my local homebrew store, Hop City in Birmingham. They developed a recipe for an Extra Pale Ale, one that I picked because it is an easy, satisfying style of beer that is drinkable within about 5 or so weeks of brewing. This being my first brew, I went with one of the quicker recipies. What can I say, patience isn’t my strong suit.

Best part of the whole process? A big ol’ glass of cold beer!


If this picture makes your mouth water, then you’ve found the right place. All in all my first brew turned better than expected. This is the finished product of my 6 week conquest to my first beer.

This log of my brewing activities will hopefully serve to help other people, who like me have a fascination with weird yeast, tasty beers, and all other things fermentable. Enjoy!


Malt:                                                                      Grain:
6lbs Gold malt syrup                                           1lbs Belgian Caramel Pils

Hops:                                                                     Yeast:
3 oz Cascade (52.53 IBU)                                    Wyeast 1056 American Ale

Things I got right with my brew:                       Things I got wrong with my brew:
Hops additions                                                    Forgot to check original gravity
Added malt correctly                                          Steeped grains at wrong temp
Sanitation was good                                           Added .5 gallons to much water

Next Brew On Deck: IPA (Will be ready on September 14th, also known as the day Johnny Football’s signature lost it’s value!

Until next time, Roll home brew!